Organic Rose water from Bulgaria, 200ml

Organic Rose water from Bulgaria, 200ml

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Certified Organic pure & steam distilled Rose Water from Bulgarian Rose Damascene.

This Rose water is specially distilled for the purpose from Fresh Plant material during the collection season of the Roses, and therefore retains the most valuable biologically active ingredients. The central part of Bulgaria, east Europe, benefits the world greatest climate and preserved biological diversity for the grown of the precious Rosa Danmascena. The quality of Rose oil and Rose water produced here through the traditional steam distillation method, is ultimate. And finally these skin`s treasures come directly from nature, we all may profit an absolutely natural organic product and use it as face tonic, body lotion, body mist , add it to creams and hair cosmetic.

NB!  The real Rose water is only the steam distilled. It is not a water solution of rose concentrate which is common for many producers!

Ingredient: 100% Organic steam distilled ROSE WATER from organic farming !  Clean from alcohol, preservatives, perfume additives, colorants, etc !

Qty:  200 ml / 6.76 fl.oz  in plastic bottle with spray top ; 

Keep away from direct sun and heat, at temperature 5 - 25 C.

Use: Apply with a moistened swab or a wet compress.

Rose water is a precious natural product with cleansing, antiseptic, hydrating and softening effect. It stimulates skin regeneration, tones and refreshes. Reduces stress and nervous tension.  Natural rose water – product with following effects:  

·        suitable for acne-prone skin

·        cleans and refreshes the skin

·         provides fresh and exceptionally elastic skin

·         tones up and calms irritated skin after shaving

·         eliminates burning and discomfort after sunburn

·         soothing and healing effect

·         antiseptic action

·         suitable for baby skin care

·         provides anti-inflammatory effect

The oil-bearing Rosa Damascena has been grown in Bulgaria for more than 500 years in the Bulgarian valley of roses. The place is characterized by its specific climate and is located between Kazanluk and Karlovo towns. The region is ecologically unique, too. Rose oil and rose water are well known as great cosmetic ingredients. Bulgarian rose oil obtained from the flowers of the oil-bearing rose /Rosa Damascena Mill/ called “Queen of flowers”  has a great aroma-therapeutic and exceptional refreshing and preventive effect against wrinkles. Natural Rose water stimulates regenerative processes in injured and aging tissues.

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