Lip Balm ROSE for dry lips, rich on Natural Rose oil & Cocoa

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Lip Balm ROSE , rich on 100% Natural Rose oil concrete, Cocoa oil & D-panthenol
Active ingredients: Rose oil concrete, Cocoa oil, vitamin E, D-panthenol.
Softens and protects lips from harmful effects of the environment. Its enriched formula with rose concrete, cocoa oil, vitamins E and D-panthenol has a useful effect in revitalizing dried and chapped lips. Regains their tenderness and beauty, giving a delicate brilliance. Apply to the lips in a thin layer.

Qty:  5g / 0.17 oz small jar

Rose concrete is an entirely natural product obtained through extraction of fresh rose petals. In the Rose concrete’s compound structure are found more than 166 components with profound biologically active effect. It has antimicrobial, epithelial and anti-allergic properties. Revitalizes and soothes the skin.

Rose oil and rose water are well known as great cosmetic ingredients. Bulgarian rose oil obtained from the flowers of the oil-bearing rose /Rosa Damascena Mill/ called “Queen of flowers”  has a good aroma-therapeutic and exceptional hydrating and preventive effect against wrinkles. Natural Rose water stimulates regenerative processes in injured and aging tissues. Energizes, refreshes, improves elasticity and maintains the water balance of skin.