100% PURE Bulgarian ROSE OIL otto 0,5g Certified

100% PURE Bulgarian ROSE OIL otto 0,5g Certified

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BrandsDamascena Rose
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100% PURE STEAM DISTILLED Bulgarian ROSE OIL otto 0.5ml, Certified

  • One of world’s most exquisite essential oil,
  • Directly from private boutique distillery house
  • 100% pure, and not diluted natural oil guaranteed

The Bulgarian Rosa Damascena Oil (Rose Otto), obtained by steam distillation has one of the most valuable and distinct fragrances. Rose oil is one of the best all-purpose oils to have. It not only fights depression and insomnia, but looks after the heart and digestive systems, well being the best oils to use on the skin.  Its main effect, to slow up skin aging, makes it applicable in the most face and body creams, cosmetics.


Qty: 0.5 g / or 0.5ml / 0,017 fl. oz

NB ! A small glass bottle is inserted in traditional wooden vial container which is wax sealed.  The glass container is for 1ml  - when you buy 0,5 ml it is half - full.
Rose oil is an extremely fragrant oil and you only use a tiny amount.

Shelf life: 60 months - Rose oil has extremely long lasting aroma, however best to use in first 1-2 years.



This oil could be used in combination with any carrier oil.  Few drops ( 3-5) could be added to your cream, body lotion, or bath .

Precautions: do not be used during pregnancy.

Properties: Rose oil has yellow or yellow-greenish color that is easy flowing oily liquid. It has around 300 ingredients, 283 from them are identified. From the specific ratio of all the ingredients comes the variety of applications of the rose oil. It used in perfume, cosmetics and pharmacy, as well as in aromatherapy.

At 25 C the Rose oil is a viscous liquid. Upon cooling, it becomes a crystallized mass, which can be liquefied by warming. Simply warm the bottle by rolling in your hands until it is again liquid! This does not modify the quality of the oil, this guarantied the original of the products, the product is not diluted!

Product with a Quality Certificate from Government accredited laboratory. Meets all standards and ISO requirements.


MORE about Bulgarian Rose:

Rose oil is one of the symbols of Bulgaria. All around the world is known as "The Queen of the Essential Oils". It is made from a special sort rose Rosa Damascena Mill. The first plants from this type came in Bulgaria from Damascus (Syria) around 350 years ago. Here on Balkans itd finds the most favorable climate for growing - appropriate temperature, high humidity, sandy soil.

The Bulgarian rose oil is called "the queen of all essential oils". This is due to its unique composition of more than 300 ingredients . The main ingredients are high alcohols (eleoptens), paraffin hydrocarbons (stearoptens) and many microelements. Their specific proportion contributes to the rich and long-lasting floral aroma of the Bulgarian Rose oil.

Bulgarian rose oil is used as a row material for the most expensive perfumes in the world: Elizabeth Arden, Kenzo, Channel, Bulgari, Paco Rabanne, Estee Lauder and many others.

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Tags: 100% PURE STEAM DISTILLED Bulgarian ROSE OIL otto 0.5ml, Certified, known as "The Queen of the Essential Oils". It is made from a special sort rose Rosa Damascena Mill.