Pure Rose oil butter concrete wax 100% Natural Product solide perfume

Pure Rose oil butter concrete wax 100% Natural Product solide perfume

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The rose concrete is a natural product obtained through extraction of fresh rose blossoms of the Bulgarian oil-bearing rose - Damask Rose. Approximately 350kg of fresh rose flowers are needed to make 1kg of rose concrete only! This exquisite softly solid concrete contains all the rose absolute, as well as the plant waxes that allow it to hold solid form at room temperature.
Rose Concrete can be applied to pulse points as a solid perfume or added in tiny amounts to a cream or balm. Our Bulgarian Rose Concrete can be also melted with Mimosa and Jasmine waxes for your own solid perfume. Much softer than other waxes, you may add the rose concrete to a warmed carrier oil or the oil phase of a cream. It is semisolid at room temperature but does not need the extensive heating the waxes require.

In the Rose concrete’s compound structure are found more than 166 components with profound biologically active effect. It has strong antimicrobial, epithelial and anti-allergic properties. Revitalizes and soothes the skin.

4ml / 0.14 oz in a small glass pot.
Ingredients: Rosa Damascena extract absolute

Usage: 1-% unguent is applied externally only.
It is Vaseline - like semi solide waxy product, with orange - yellow color .

Warnings: For external use only! Avoid eye contact. Do not use during pregnancy. Keep away from children. Familiarize with pure essential oils, absolutes before use.

vaseline like mass
specific, of fresh rose blossoms
Melting range, °C
from 47,0   to 53,0
Acid value, mg KOH/g
not more than 13,0
Content of dissolving agent, %
not more than 2,0
Content of absolute, %
not less than 60,0


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