Bulgarian Rose Water - natural moisturizer face lotion 330ml

Bulgarian Rose Water - natural moisturizer face lotion 330ml

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Natural Bulgarian Rose water, steam distilled , 330 ml

Naturliches rosenwasser / Eau de Roses naturelle / Agua de Rosas Natural / Розовая вода натральная

  •     The rose water we offer is steam distilled from fresh plants during the collection season - a special technology where the important bioactives are preserved. (It is NOT a mixture of water with an essential oil.)
  • Bulgarian natural rose water is distilled from the petals of the oil-bearing Rosa Damascena, which has been grown in Bulgaria for more than 500 years in the Bulgarian valley of roses. The place is characterized by its specific climate and is located between Kazanluk and Karlovo towns. The region is ecologically unique, too.
  • The rose water here is a great natural moisturizing face and body cleansing tonic. Its also very appropriate for compresses in acne and skin irritation; for nourishing and hydrating face masks; for moisturizing the body after bath; for damp baths in dry skin; for frictions in dry and damaged hair.

Ingredients: Rosa damascene flower water, citronellol, geraniol, phenoxy ethanol.

Qty: 330 ml / 11 fl.oz  in plastic bottle

Rose oil and rose water are well known as great cosmetic ingredients. Bulgarian rose oil obtained from the flowers of the oil-bearing rose /Rosa Damascena Mill/ called “Queen of flowers”  has a great aroma-therapeutic and exceptional refreshing and preventive effect against wrinkles. Natural Rose water stimulates regenerative processes in injured and aging tissues. Energizes, refreshes, improves elasticity and maintains the water balance of skin.

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