Back in 2004 our family-owned company started with Bulgarian rose oil and cosmetics, traditional folklore instruments, music, and books. Succesfully running ebay and Amazon stores for over 10 years, today we are proud to be one of the largest retailers for high quality rose products. We sell worldwide, offering fast delivery directly from manufacturers.

Inspired by the unique Bulgarian rose , we created RoseCosmetics.net to share our passion for the pure and healthy treasures that nature rewarded our lands with.

The amazing Bulgarian Rose known as "The queen of the flowers" became our passion - it can be collected only by hand, at only one specific time of the year, in very rare geographic conditions. Extracted from the delicate rose petals through a 100% natural distillation process,  the rose elexir is recognized for its unique quality and properties.

And not only...  We would like to promote the less popular but all natural probiotic Bulgarian Yoghurt bacteria „lactobacillus bulgaricus“, the sweet Lavender from Bulgarian sunny fields;  the wild Rosehip oil , pine oil, nettles, juniper, Mursalski / Rodopean tea and many more gifts from Bulgarian nature.


The products in our shop

Crafts & Roses is official retailer and we ship directly from the manufacturers in Bulgaria. We select the producers by paying special attention to quality of products while keeping the best prices possible. We prefer the pure, bio and organic products, but you will also find many conventional cost effective cosmetics. 

We can guarantee that our products are 100% authentic & original! 


If you need more information about us:

Visit our Facebook page, our Ebay store: crafts-and-roses , Amazon store or contact us.


Business address:

Reg. No: 203965481

Mladost 2, building 206 - 8

1799 Sofia



Office & Warehouse address :

Mladost 2, building 236 -  3

1799 Sofia


Contact information:
phone: +359 889428287
e-mail: office@rosecosmetics.net


Please feel free to contact us with any suggestion and comment that you might have!


Best wishes,

Liliya & Alexander